University vs apprenticeships – you decide

Want a degree but you're not sure whether to go to uni or apply for an apprenticeship? We spoke to students and apprentices to learn more about each path.

These days there's more than one route to a degree. You can take the traditional university route or work towards a degree through a higher or degree apprenticeship.

Both paths have their merits. If you’re someone who really wants to embrace the student experience and explore your course subject in-depth, going to university might be for you.

If you enjoy hands-on learning, want to get paid for on-the-job training and get a degree without tuition fees, then an apprenticeship could be a good option.

If both routes appeal to you, it's important to weigh up the pros and cons of university and apprenticeships. Remember, you don't have to apply for one or the other, you can apply for both to keep your options open.

Just keep in mind that you will have to make a decision at some point.

To help with your decision, we chatted to students Demi and Ruby (London Metropolitan University (LMU) and Oxford University), as well as apprentices Peter and Cara (Capgemini and Ernst & Young (EY) and Ada College) who talked about why their chosen route was right for them.

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