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    Accountancy, banking and finance
    There’s a big variety of job roles you can do in the finance sector; from being a stockbroker through to working as a bank clerk or an internal auditor. Typically you’ll need business sense, organisational skills and to be good with numbers.
    Administrative and clerical
    If you work in a clerical or administrative role you could end up anywhere, from working in a court to being part of a big business – every type of company or organisation needs administration and clerical workers. This sort of role is ideal if you’ve strong organisational skills.
    Alternative therapies
    These jobs involve providing alternatives to medical therapies, such as acupuncture and massage. If you’re a caring person, a career in alternative therapies may be for you.
    Animals, agriculture, plants and land
    This is a broad job sector including everything from farming and fishing through to gardening and botany. You could also be a conservationist or a park ranger. A lot of these jobs are very hands on and require working outside while others are laboratory based.
    Armed forces, security and uniformed services
    If you’re interested in a career in the armed forces, as a fire-fighter, coastguard, police officer or as private security this is the job sector for you. These jobs are often demanding and tend to follow shift patterns. You need to be dedicated and highly disciplined as well as being physically fit.
    Arts, crafts and design
    From photography to architecture to cabinet-making - the arts, crafts and design job sector is exciting and varied. If you’re creative and like making things a career in this area is ideal.
    Broadcast, media and performing arts
    There are a whole range of different jobs associated with TV, film, radio and theatre. You could be anything from a singer, to a make-up artist to a director. It’s an exciting and highly competitive field to work in. If you’re creative and good with people this could be the career for you.
    Catering and hospitality
    If you love food and drink, there’s a range of different jobs you can do from sommelier to food scientist. A lot of these jobs require good customer service skills, as well as a good knowledge of food and drink.
    Construction is a huge job sector including many varied jobs from steelworker, to carpenter to surveyor. Many of these jobs involve working on outdoors or on building sites, they’re often very physically demanding.
    Counselling and social services
    Social workers, counsellors and occupational therapists all fall into this job family. Often called caring careers they’re jobs which involve a lot of contact with a range of different people so good communication skills are key. You may end up working for local government, the NHS or a charity.
    Education and training
    If you’re interested in teaching or training this is the job sector for you. You have the opportunity to work with people of all ages, from small children through to adults. Great communication skills are essential as is the ability to be organised thinking of a career in education or training.
    Engineering and manufacturing
    If you like working with machines or practical processes a career in engineering or manufacturing may be for you. A lot of the jobs are practical, and many – especially in engineering – involve mathematics.
    Environmental sciences
    From waste management to zoology, if you’re interested in the environment a career in environmental sciences may be for you. The job roles are varied - some may involve working indoors and others outdoors. A lot require a science background.
    IT and information management
    This is a varied job family which includes everything from systems analysts through to archivists – what all these jobs have in common is the management of data. Most of these jobs will be office-based and could involve working alone or in a team. Good analytical skills are often important for a career in information technology or information management.
    Journalism and publishing
    If you have a keen eye for a story then a career in journalism or publishing could be for you. Whether you’re writing a novel or working as a television journalist, good written skills are really important. You may be working alone, in a small team or in a busy newsroom.
    Law and legal services
    If you care about justice then a career in the law or legal services could be for you. Jobs range from bailiff to barrister and usually require good people skills.
    Leisure, sport and tourism
    This is an incredibly varied job family including everything from cabin crew through to professional athletes. If you’re an active person or enjoy travel then a career in this job sector could be for you.
    Maintenance, service and repair
    If you’re interested in the way things work and how to repair them then a career in maintenance, service and repair may be for you. Jobs tend to be practically based and range from electrical engineer to shoe repairer.
    There are managers in all kinds of job sector. A career in management is varied but always requires good communication skills and an understanding of people.
    Marketing, sales and advertising
    Understanding the way customers think is key to a career in marketing, sales and advertising. Job roles are varied and include planning advertising campaigns to direct sales and marketing.
    Medical technology
    There’s a variety of technical jobs associated with medicine from radiographer to biomedical scientist. Jobs in this sector are often very science based, requiring sound analytical skills and practicality. You’ll often be working in a hospital or laboratory situation.
    Medicine and allied subjects
    If you’re a caring person and you’re interested in health and wellbeing, then a career in medicine, dentistry, nursing or other allied fields could be for you. You’ll often be based in a clinic, GP's surgery or hospital setting – although some roles are remotely based. You’ll need to be a people person with good communication skills for jobs in this sector.
    Retail sales and customer services
    There are many jobs within the retail sales and customer services sector. Most of them involve selling or dealing directly with customers. Customer service skills are really important for a career in this sector
    Science and research
    Whether you’re interested in maths, biology, physics, chemistry or geosciences there are dozens of career options which allow you to study science subjects to a high level – from geoscientists to astronaut. Careers in this sector usually require a high level of qualification and good analytical skills.
    Service sector (including health and beauty)
    Most jobs in this career family focus on offering personal services to people – this could be anything from hairdressing to tailoring. If you have a career in this job family you will probably end up self-employed or working for a small business so business skills are really important.
    Transport and logistics
    This industry involves all kinds of transport – from airplanes, to trains to taxis – as well as haulage and long distance driving. These jobs are great if you enjoy travel but they often involve spending a lot of time away from home.
Select a subject
    Art helps you develop creative skills and the ability to visualise new ideas which can be useful in many career areas such as arts, crafts and design, broadcast media and performing arts, journalism and publishing.
    Biology can be useful in many different careers including jobs within environmental sciences, medicine and nursing, and science and research.
    Business studies
    A knowledge of business and business processes can be useful in many different jobs including roles within the administrative and clerical job family, accountancy, banking and finance, and retail sales and customer services. It will also be useful if you are thinking about setting up your own business or being self-employed in the future.
    Chemistry can be useful in many different job families such as engineering and manufacturing, science and research, as well as medicine and nursing and environmental science.
    Computer science
    Computer science and the problem solving and IT skills it develops can be useful in many different careers such as information technology and information management, engineering and manufacturing, construction, broadcast media and performing arts, management, journalism and publishing, and medical technology.
    Design technology
    Design skills and the ability to visualise new ideas can be useful in many job families such as marketing, sales and advertising, arts crafts and design, broadcast media and performing arts, journalism and publishing, construction, as well as engineering and manufacturing.
    Drama, music, and performing arts
    The confidence and communication skills developed from drama, music and the performing arts can be useful in a wide range of occupational areas including catering and hospitality, retail sales and customer services, broadcast media and the performing arts, marketing, sales and advertising and leisure, sport and tourism.
    English qualifications are useful for many careers, but particularly for working in journalism and publishing, education and training, counselling and social services, marketing sales and advertising, and management.
    Food technology
    A passion for food can lead to a wide range of career opportunities, working in hotels, restaurants, or tourist venues. There is a range of career paths — in engineering and manufacturing, agriculture, research, nutrition and health, environment and sustainability, logistics, audit and legal, retail sales and customer service, as well as catering and hospitality, leisure and tourism.
    Foreign languages
    A knowledge of a modern foreign language is useful in a range of different careers. These include law, finance, business administration, sales and marketing, public services, transport, tourism and hospitality, and international aid. Speaking foreign languages is also useful if want to work abroad.
    Geography can be useful in many different job families such as environmental science, engineering and manufacturing, animals, agriculture, plants and land, construction, leisure, sport and tourism, transport and logistics.
    History can be useful in many job families including those linked with law, journalism and publishing, marketing, sales and advertising, arts, crafts and design, broadcast media and performing arts, leisure, sport and tourism, as well as education and training.
    Most jobs and careers will need you to use maths in some way and it's particularly useful in job families like accountancy, banking and finance, management, environmental sciences, construction, engineering and manufacturing, medical technology, and science and research.
    Media studies
    Media studies can be useful in a range of careers including marketing, sales and advertising, broadcast media and performing arts, journalist and publishing, and leisure sport and tourism.
    Physical education
    The physical fitness and good teamwork which come from an interest in physical education and playing sports can be useful in many different careers including leisure, sport and tourism, construction, education and training, armed forces, security and uniformed services, management, as well as animals, agriculture, plants and land.
    Physics and the problem solving skills it develops is useful in many different job families including agriculture, plans and land, environmental sciences, construction, engineering and manufacturing, medicine and nursing, medical technology, and science and research.
    Religious studies
    Knowledge of other cultures and world religious beliefs can be useful in many jobs where you are working with the public or communities. These include counselling and social services, marketing, sales and advertising, catering and hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism, retail sales and customer services, education and training, medicine and nursing, and service sector roles.
Select a skill
    Ability to understand technical plans
    You’ll need to understand, create or work to technical plans, diagrams, and instructions.
    You may need to keep detailed records, follow business processes or make and manage appointments.
    You’ll be collecting and examining information in detail to arrive at a solution, to answer a key question or make an informed decision.
    Attention to detail
    You'll need to be thorough and focused on details of a task. You'll monitor and check work, information, or plans.
    Business management
    Some jobs require a good understanding of how businesses work and the management skills to help the business run smoothly and succeed.
    If your job requires verbal communication, you may need to write or give speeches and presentations. For jobs which require written communication skills, you will need to write clearly and convincingly – you could be producing or dealing with legal documents or writing articles for a newspaper. You may also require good listening skills, the ability to negotiate, or to be persuasive.
    You may need specific artistic or design skills for a job, or you may need to draw on a good imagination to come up with creative solutions to business challenges.
    Customer service
    Any job which involves contact with customers and the public requires good customer service skills. Whether it’s on the phone or face-to-face it’s important to be able to make customers feel welcome, to be polite and listen.
    You need to know and do what is expected of you. This ranges from organising yourself, being on time, to being responsible. Some jobs need particular discipline skills such as being able to persevere with the task and plans until you accomplish them, or following strict procedures.
    Financial planning
    You’ll need to have a good understanding of business and finance, combined with accuracy and attention to detail. You may also need to be able to produce financial reports and plans.
    Interpersonal skills
    You’ll need listening and speaking skills, as well empathy to build friendships and ensure good working relationships.
    You’ll need to be able to send and receive emails and use the internet effectively in most jobs. There are also a growing number of job roles which require more advanced technical and specialist software skills.
    You’ll need to be able to motivate, enthuse and build respect. Leadership often means having a vision of where you want the team or business to be. Good leaders understand the way others feel and behave, they have charisma which makes people want to follow them, as well as a balance of assertiveness and empathy.
    You’ll need good reading and writing skills. This could include a good standard of spoken and written English, and good knowledge of spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
    Mechanical knowledge
    You’ll need practical skills and specialist knowledge of how things work or need to be designed and built.
    You’ll need to have a good standard of arithmetic. This could mean dealing with statistics, budgets, or doing complicated sums.
    You’ll need to be able to plan and schedule work. This could include being able to prioritise what needs to be done and by when.
    You’ll need to be able to tolerate waiting, delay, or frustration without becoming agitated or upset. Some jobs require lots of patience such as dealing with customers or clients who may be upset or unwell, and job roles where you have to explain or repeat information or instructions.
    People management
    If you work with other people as part of a team or as a team leader you’ll need a good understanding of people, excellent communication skills and know how to put in place good team structures.
    Physical fitness
    You’ll need to be physically fit, agile, and strong.
    Problem solving
    Some jobs particularly require problem solving skills and creative thinking to recognise problems and their causes, to identify a range of possible solutions and then assess and decide the best way forward.
    You’ll need to be able to listen to other team members and take on board each other’s opinions and ideas.
    Technical ability
    You may need particular technical skills and specialist knowledge of how things work or need to be designed and built.
    Time management
    You’ll need to be able to manage your time efficiently and make deadlines.
    Word processing
    You’ll need to be able to use computers word processing software to creative documents such as letters and reports as well as to manage business communications.
Select a job family, subject, or skill to display a list of related job profiles.
Producers manage media projects from beginning to completion.
Also known as:
HGV driver, Lorry driver
Large goods vehicle drivers transport and deliver goods and raw materials in the UK and abroad.
Also known as:
Vaccine scientist
Pathologists diagnose disease by examining cells, tissue samples, and sometimes performing autopsies
Leisure centre managers are responsible for the daily running of leisure centres and facilities.
Chiropractors manipulate joints, bones, and soft tissue to control pain/prevent recurring injuries.
Bus and coach drivers transport passengers on local, national or overseas journeys.
Aerospace engineers design and build aircraft and spacecraft
Stockbrokers manage investments for individuals, companies or large organisations.
Musicians earn money from performing music of any style from rock, pop, indie, to jazz or folk
An anatomical pathology technician supports specialist doctors during post-mortem examinations.
Job families:
Tax inspectors examine tax accounts to ensure the correct amount of tax is paid.
Homeopaths create natural remedies to try and stimulate the body’s healing process.
Also known as:
Social media producer
A social media manager looks after a company’s social media channels.
Events managers are responsible for organising and running all kinds of events.
Also known as:
Writers write articles, books, comics and screen plays.
Head teachers are leaders of their schools, and create suitable conditions for children and staff.
Also known as:
Telecomms engineer
Telecommunications engineers fit and maintain phone and internet systems.
Interpreters convert speech from one language to another.
Counsellors help people discuss their problems and feelings in a confidential environment.
Also known as:
Tree officer
Arboricultural officers maintain and manage trees for local councils or arboricultural contractors.
Also known as:
Franchise owners buy a licence to operate under the brand of an established company.
A coastguard supports search and rescue services to prevent loss of life on the coast and at sea.
A roofer's work ranges from re-slating a roof, to restoring lead sheets on an old building.
Job families:
Victim care officers support people who have experienced or witnessed crime.
Also known as:
Eco consultant, Sustainability consultant
Advise on sustainability, waste management, recycling, flood risk and the effects of climate change.
Astronauts fly spacecraft or work as part of the crew.
Job families:
Also known as:
Further education tutors, Further education teachers
Further education (FE) lecturers teach students over the age of 16.
Offshore drilling workers work in a variety of roles on oil or gas rigs.
Also known as:
Substance misuse worker
Drug and alcohol workers help people tackle their drug, alcohol or solvent misuse problems.
Health visitors work with families in their homes to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent illness
Also known as:
Research and development manger
Business development managers are senior sales people who create opportunities for business growth.
Demolition operatives demolish and dismantle old and derelict structures and buildings.
Job families:
Warehouse managers plan and coordinate warehouse operations at depots and retail stores.
Job families:
Offshore roughnecks are skilled labourers on an oil or gas rig.
Also known as:
A sub editor is in charge of checking all written content before it is published in print or online.
Also known as:
Checkout assistant, Shop worker
Sales assistants serve and assist customers in shops, supermarkets and department stores.
Also known as:
Lighting cameraman, Director of photography
A cinematographer is the head of the camera and lighting crew working on a film or TV set.
Also known as:
Police officers investigate and prevent crime.
Firefighters control and put out fires.
Also known as:
Farm managers deal with the day-to-day running of a farm.
Physicists study the natural universe and try to uncover why objects exist and behave as they do.
Energy engineers help research, design and construct renewable-power generation plants.
Optometrists carry out detailed eye examinations to test vision and identify problems.
Job families:
DJs play music for audiences at live venues, or entertain radio audiences.
Astronomers use a wide range of scientific techniques to study the universe and its origins.
Job families:
Farm workers do practical and manual work on a farm with animals, crops, or both.
Paediatricians diagnose and treat health conditions that affect babies, children and young people.
Legal secretaries provide administrative support for solicitors, barristers and legal executives.
Also known as:
Medical records staff
Health records clerks keep patients' medical records up-to-date and available to medical staff.
Also known as:
Oil and gas engineer, Drilling engineer
Petroleum engineers are involved in all parts of the oil and gas production process.
Housing officers supervise the management of rented properties that belong to local authorities.
Satellite systems technicians install and repair satellite dishes, aerials and network cables.
Stonemasons carve blocks of stone, or lay and fit stonework into place on construction projects.
Dry-cleaners use a range of chemicals to clean clothes, soft furnishings and other items.
Also known as:
Publishing assistant
Editorial assistants provide support at all stages of the publication process in print and online.
Also known as:
Window dresser, Display assistant
Visual merchandisers use their design skills to help promote images, products and services.
Domestic appliance service engineers install and repair household appliances.
Car valets clean cars, inside and out, to keep them looking in top condition.
Beekeepers manage colonies of honey bees.
Delivery van drivers collect goods and deliver them to customers.
Broadcast engineers make sure programmes are broadcast at the right time and of the highest quality
Also known as:
HR manager, Personnel manager
Human resources managers deal with recruitment, training and retention of staff.
Plasterers coat the inside walls of buildings with plaster to make them ready for decorating.
A midwife supports pregnant women and their babies before, during and after childbirth.
Paralegals specialise in one area of the law, carrying out a range of legal work.
Also known as:
Bar server, Bar staff
Bar staff serve drinks in pubs, clubs, hotels, and wine bars.
IT project managers oversee the planning and development of computer systems to meet clients' needs.
Also known as:
Personnel officer
Human resources (HR) officers look after hiring and developing employees, and welfare of staff.
Also known as:
Automation engineer
Design and build machines for automated jobs in manufacturing, aerospace and medicine.
Also known as:
Waitress, Waiter
Waiting staff serve food and drinks to customers in cafés, restaurants, pubs, and at large events.
Plumbers fit and repair water systems.
Also known as:
Engineering craft worker
CNC machinists use computer numerically controlled machine tools to create parts used in industry.
Geotechnicians work with geoscientists to collect and analyse data from soil, rocks and water.
Job families:
Royal Navy ratings work onboard ships and submarines.
Glaziers work on clients' premises installing glass in windows, doors and other glazed units.
Job families:
Ofsted inspectors report on the quality of places of education and learning.
Also known as:
Production technician
Lighting technicians produce, rig and build lighting systems used in film, TV and live events.
Computer service and repair technicians repair/maintain hardware, and install/repair software.
Also known as:
Anaesthetist, Emergency medic, Gynaecologist, Paediatrician, Psychiatrist, Radiologist, Surgeon
A hospital doctor diagnoses and treats illness and disease in patients admitted to hospital.
Merchant navy deck officers are responsible for navigation, communications, crew and cargo onboard.
Painters and decorators use a range of coverings to enhance and protect surfaces.
Job families:
Civil engineers design and manage a wide variety of construction projects.
Registrars collect and record births, stillbirths, deaths, marriages and civil partnership details.
Choreographers create and plan dance routines or sequences for dancers or performers.
Also known as:
Proofreaders check and edit written documents, articles and books.
Business advisers give advice and support to new and established businesses.
Also known as:
Online marketing executive, Digital marketing executive , Internet marketing officer
A digital marketing officer, promotes their employer's products, services or ideas online.
Procurement managers are responsible for buying equipment, goods and services for companies.
Special educational needs teachers work with children and young people who need extra support.
Electrical engineers design, build and maintain electrical control systems, machinery and equipment.
Also known as:
Admin assistant
Administrative assistants help run offices.
This role involves planning and running events, such as trade shows, exhibitions and conferences.
Port operatives work with cargo, passengers and marine craft in ports and harbours.
Locksmiths are skilled in the installation and repair of locks and other security devices.
Wedding planners help organise weddings.
Economists research, and advise businesses about, financial markets and trends.
Also known as:
Hair stylist
Hairdressers cut and style hair.
Private investigators carry out secret enquiries for clients to find out information and check facts
Also known as:
Faith leader
Religious leaders offer support to followers of their religion through spiritual and moral guidance.
Family mediators help divorcing or separating couples agree on things without having to go to court.
Chimney sweeps clean the chimneys of open fires.
Airport baggage handlers load and unload luggage and freight from aircraft between flights.
Nuclear engineers are responsible for the safe and productive running of nuclear power stations.
Jewellery designers plan the style and pattern of jewellery, silverware and decorative products.
Food processing workers produce and pack a wide variety of food items.
Web designers use creative and technical skills to build new websites and redesign existing ones.
Bid writers prepare documents to win contracts to provide services, or to apply for project funding.
A retail buyer selects products to be sold in retail outlets.
Structural engineers help to design and build structures, from hospitals and bridges to oil rigs.
Also known as:
Debt collector
This role involves recovering unpaid money from businesses or individuals.
Also known as:
TV presenter, Broadcaster
Television presenters front factual and entertainment television shows
Receptionists are the first point of contact for organisations such as hotels, gyms and businesses.
Road transport managers coordinate freight and transport operations on the UK's road network.
Also known as:
Production designer, Stage designer
Set designers create the overall look of a theatre, television or film production.
Also known as:
Highways operative
A road worker helps build and repair roads and motorways.
Materials technicians test materials under different conditions to help develop and improve them.
Librarians are responsible for the day-to-day running of library services.
Also known as:
Process engineer
Chemical engineers research and design machinery used to turn raw materials into everyday products.
Booksellers purchase books from wholesalers and publishers to sell to the public.
Reflexologists apply pressure to areas of people’s feet to aid healing via ‘energy pathways’.
Also known as:
Corporate coach, Business coach
Management consultants help businesses and organisations to solve problems and improve efficiency.
Also known as:
PR officer
Public relations officers are responsible for managing the reputation of a company.
Fashion designers design clothing and fashion ranges, from high fashion to high-street fashion.
Data entry clerks update, maintain, and retrieve information held on computer systems.
Prop makers create objects for use in theatre, film and TV productions.
Also known as:
Cyber security professional
Forensic computer analysts investigate computer-based crime (cyber crime).
Trade union officials represent the interests of their union’s members.
Martial arts instructors teach all aspects of a particular martial art such as karate or jujitsu.
Also known as:
Food service manager
Catering managers work with chefs to organise and plan organisations' food-and-drink services.
Royal Navy officers serve on board ships and submarines, managing the day-to-day operations.
Food scientists develop and test different foods, making sure they are safe for humans to eat.
Job families:
Secondary school teachers teach children from the ages of 11 to 18.
Store detectives are employed to prevent shoplifting.
Also known as:
Detection officer
Customs officers stop banned items from entering or leaving the country, and collect taxes & duties.
Also known as:
Biomedical engineer , Bio-engineer
Clinical engineers design, develop and maintain equipment used for diagnosing and treating patients.
Job families:
Computer games developers create, develop and code computer games.
Also known as:
Coffee shop worker
Baristas make and serve coffee in shops, cafés, coffee shops and restaurants.
Market research interviewers collect information, using prepared questionnaires.
Police community support officers work with the police, dealing with minor incidents and offences.
Farriers prepare and treat horses' feet, so they can make and fit horseshoes.
Camera operators record images, set up equipment, plan shots and sort technical and lighting issues.
Arboricultural officers manage and maintain trees for local councils and arboricultural contractors.
Tailors create custom-made suits, jackets and coats for men and women.
Fish farmers work as part of a small team, breeding, rearing and harvesting fish and shellfish.
Dancers use movement to express emotion and tell stories.
Also known as:
Bank branch manager
Bank managers help people manage their money using banking services.
Prison officers supervise inmates in prisons, remand centres and young offenders' institutions.
Heating and ventilation engineers install and service heating and air conditioning systems.
Building services engineers design, install and service equipment and systems found in buildings.
Also known as:
Design engineer
Design engineers research and develop ideas for new products and the systems used to make them.
Also known as:
Dental technician
Dental technicians design, make, and repair dental appliances.
Job families:
Childminders care for children in their own home, supporting their learning and development.
Agricultural inspectors are responsible for the standards and regulations in farming.
Also known as:
GP, Doctor
General practitioners (GPs) are doctors who provide medical services to people in their practice.
Estates officers are responsible for the management and upkeep of land and property.
Also known as:
Clinical engineer
Biomedical engineers design, develop, and maintain equipment used for diagnosis.
Also known as:
Lumberjack, Forest craftsperson
Forestry workers manage trees, plants and the environment in forests and woodland.
Welders cut, shape and join sections of metal plate and pipes in a wide range of industries.
Media buyers buy advertising space in newspapers and magazines, on TV, radio and cinema.
Management accountants are responsible for managing a company's finances.
Social workers provide support to vulnerable members of society.
Also known as:
Account handler
Advertising account executives provide the link between an advertising agency and its clients.
Divers work at sea, or carry out industry-specific tasks in rivers, lakes, canals, and reservoirs.
Sales managers organise, coach and lead a team to work towards agreed sales targets.
Study people's behaviour, thoughts, and feelings, to help them overcome or control their problems.
Computer games testers are part of the quality assurance (QA) team.
Diplomatic service officers work for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office either in the UK or abroad.
Job families:
Museum curators look after and manage exhibitions.
Also known as:
Floor layer
Carpet fitters install floor coverings.
Job families:
Textile machinery technicians maintain, service and repair machinery used in textiles manufacturing.
A bomb disposal technician identifies explosive devices and defuses them to make them safe.
Bricklayers build and repair walls.
Job families:
Estate agents advertise, sell, and negotiate sales of property.
Also known as:
Actors work in film, TV and the theatre.
Probation officers supervise people serving community and prison sentences.
Careers advisers help people make decisions about their education, training and work options.
Builders’ merchants supply products to construction companies, tradespeople and the public.
Also known as:
Infant school teacher, Junior school teacher
Primary school teachers teach children from the ages of four to 11
Telecoms technicians install, repair and maintain broadband, mobile and landline telephone networks.
Cleaners make sure houses, offices or other commercial businesses are kept clean and tidy.
Helpdesk professionals offer support to computer users with any technical issues.
Immigration officers check and monitor people who are arriving and leaving the country.
Also known as:
Park ranger, Forester
Countryside rangers look after areas of the countryside, like woods and National Parks.
Also known as:
Solicitors advise clients about different aspects of the law.
Horse riding instructors teach people to ride horses and improve their riding technique.
Learn about the past by studying sites and excavating, classifying, recording and preserving objects
Royal marine commandos take part in front line combat, on land and at sea.
Medical illustrators produce photographs, videos and graphical images for use in healthcare.
Costume designers are in charge of the look and creation costumes and outfits.
Pattern graders take patterns created by a pattern cutter and scale them in size to create clothes.
Also known as:
Business consultant, Enterprise adviser, Business coach
Business advisers give advice and support to new businesses and help established businesses to grow
Job families:
Join a multi-billion dollar global industry providing the minerals we need for a low carbon future.
Also known as:
Army private, Soldier
Army soldiers work in a variety of different roles in conflict zones.
A web content manager is responsible for the information that appears on a company's website.
RSPCA inspectors investigate and help prevent cruelty to animals.
Also known as:
Youth worker, Community worker
Youth and community workers provide support for young people.
Aid workers provide support, food, resources, and infrastructure to people in need.
Insurance brokers act as the link between insurance companies and customers.
Also known as:
Letting negotiators
A letting agent manages rental properties on behalf of clients.
Newspaper journalists research and report the news, publishing their work in newspapers and online.
Also known as:
Software developers design, build and test computer programmes.
Medical physicists research and develop techniques and equipment used to diagnose and treat illness.
Job families:
Also known as:
Nursery nurse
Nursery workers look after small children.
Also known as:
Marine biologist, Marine chemist, Marine physicist, Marine geologist
Oceanographers use knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics and geology to study seas and oceans.
Meteorologists analyse and forecast the weather.
Job families:
Cake decorators create designs on cakes and pastries.
Biochemists investigate the chemical processes that take place inside all living things.
Also known as:
Weapons systems operators (WSOps)
RAF non-commissioned aircrew fly aircraft and helicopters to carry out air patrols over UK.
Zookeepers look after animals in zoos, safari parks, aquariums and sometimes in the wild.
Biologists study plants and animals and the way they live.
Job families:
Store demonstrators show products in stores, supermarkets and other businesses to increase sales.
Bakers make bread, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods.
Also known as:
Classroom assistant, Learning support assistants
Teaching assistants support children with their learning activities in the classroom.
Also known as:
Personal assistants are responsible for administrative and secretarial duties.
Also known as:
Digital editor, Digital producer, Online editor, Online producer, Web producer
Web editors publish and curate content on websites.
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Stage managers makes sure the sets, equipment and props are ready for the opening of a performance.
Engineering maintenance fitters install, service and repair engineering machinery and equipment.
Agricultural engineers design and service agricultural, horticultural and forestry machinery.
Nail technicians look after, shape and decorate people’s finger and toe nails.
Civil Service executive officers work in government departments that develop policies.
Job families:
A football or sports agent negotiates employment contracts for the athletes they represent.
Forensic scientists collect and analyse evidence from crime scenes.
Job families:
Riding centre managers are responsible for the centre’s activities, staff and business development.
Acupuncturists use very fine needles to stimulate key pressure points on the body.
Also known as:
Geoscientists study the structure of the Earth and how it was formed over time.
Also known as:
Policy officer, Democratic services officer
As a local government officer, you would be responsible for putting council policies into practice.
Environmental health officers make sure homes and work places are safe, hygienic and healthy.
Offshore roustabouts keep the drilling area of an oil or gas rig in good working order.
Electricians install and maintain electrical systems.
Also known as:
Sports announcer, Sports presenter
Sports commentators help people follow a game or sporting event by describing what's happening.
Thatchers use traditional craft skills, materials and tools to replace and repair thatched roofs.
Job families:
Also known as:
Lunchtime assistant
Lunchtime supervisors work in schools, looking after children during the lunch break.
Also known as:
Clinical scientist
Biomedical scientists carry out a range of scientific tests to help diagnose and treat diseases.
Driving instructors teach people how to drive cars safely.
You could be working on the whole of the beer production cycle, or just part of it.
Organise events and activities to encourage people to donate to causes and organisations.
Personal shoppers advise customers on what items they should buy.
Magazine journalists research and write news articles and features for all sorts of publications.
Also known as:
Chauffeurs drive clients to wherever they need to go.
Window fitters install new or replacement windows, conservatories and glazed curtain walls.
Also known as:
Prosthetist, orthotist
Prosthetists and orthotists use the latest tech to create aids to help patients move without pain
Gamekeepers make sure there's enough game and birds for clients to shoot on land managed for this.
Also known as:
Features editor
A commissioning editor buys the work of authors, writers and journalists for publication.
Theatrical producers are creative decision-makers who manage all aspects of putting on a production.
Cabinet makers make wooden furniture.
Also known as:
Cabin steward
Cruise ship stewards clean and maintain guestrooms or cabins.
Also known as:
Marketing manager
Marketing executives promote products and services to the wider world.
Also known as:
Pilot, Passenger pilot
Airline pilots fly goods and people to destinations across the world.
Blacksmiths shape and join metals, such as steel and iron, to make decorative and everyday items.
Pattern cutters create patterns based on drawings from a fashion designer.
Landscape architects plan, design, create and manage the landscapes we live and work in.
Garment technologists choose fabrics and designs to produce items of clothing at the desired cost.
Also known as:
Print finisher
Bookbinders turn printed paper into finished products, such as books, booklets and catalogues.
Sailing instructors teach people to sail boats at sea as well as on rivers, lakes and reservoirs.
Motor vehicle technicians repair and service cars, vans, motorbikes, lorries and coaches.
Also known as:
Management accountant, Tax accountant, Financial accountant
Accountants manage money. You need to be good with numbers to do this job.
Also known as:
Information security analyst, Cyber security officer
IT security coordinators put security measures in place to protect their clients' data.
Valuers and auctioneers give professional advice to those who buy,sell and rent land and property.
Model makers design and make 3D scale models to show how new buildings or products will look.
Pharmacologists study the effects of drugs and chemicals on animals, people and plants.
Job families:
Auditors check organisations' financial records to make sure they are accurate.
Cinema/theatre attendants help customers during entertainment shows.
Radiographers use equipment to diagnose or treat patients who are ill or injured.
Also known as:
Finance analyst
Investment analysts provide reports to help stock-market traders make decisions about investments.
Also known as:
Assistant technical officer
Clinical support workers process blood samples, input data and order stock, among other duties.
Job families:
Barristers represent clients and solicitors in court and through legal proceedings.
Also known as:
Shop manager, Store manager, General manager
Retail managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of a shop.
Tax advisers work with clients to ensure they pay the right amount of tax, and plan their finances.
Antiques dealers buy and sell old objects and collectors' items.
Job families:
Illustrators create drawings or diagrams to make products more attractive or easier to understand.
Gardeners design, manage, plant, and tend gardens.
Aromatherapists use oils to promote emotional wellbeing.
Mechanical engineers develop and design components and machinery used in industry.
A barristers' clerk deals with the admin in barristers' offices and organises the workload there.
Also known as:
Spatial planner, Planner, Urban designer, Planning officer
Town planners help shape the way towns and cities develop.
Job families:
Ecologists look at relationships in the natural world.
Dog groomers keep dogs’ fur coats in good condition.
Crown prosecutors make sure decisions to bring people to court are fair and likely to succeed.
Medical secretaries provide administrative and secretarial support to the medical sector.
Barbers cut and style men’s hair and beards.
Personal trainers help their clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals.
Also known as:
Plant biologist
Botanists study all forms of plant life and have many different job roles in lots of areas.
Architects design and create plans and technical drawings of buildings.
Manufacturing supervisors manage a team of staff and organise their workload.
A handyperson, carries out minor repairs and small jobs in people's homes and businesses.
Also known as:
Customer service advisers
Customer service assistants or advisers deal with customer enquiries and complaints.
Also known as:
Air hostess, Air steward, Flight attendant
Air cabin crew look after and keep airplane passengers safe.
Diagnose and treat teeth and mouth problems, work to prevent dental disease, and promote oral health
Graphic designers use lettering and images to communicate information and ideas.
Nutritional therapists help improve and maintain health and wellbeing through diet and nutrition.
Florists design and create flower and plant arrangements, bouquets, and wreaths.
Also known as:
Royal Air Force airman or airwoman
RAF airmen and airwomen can choose from a wide range of ground support roles to specialise in.
Also known as:
Building control surveyor
Building control officers make sure regulations are followed when buildings are being constructed.
Job families:
Also known as:
Housekeeping manager
A housekeeper is responsible for organising hotel staff to ensure that rooms are kept clean.
Job families:
Coroners look into all reported deaths from unnatural or unknown causes, or sudden deaths.
Hypnotherapists use hypnotism to help clients achieve positive changes in their lives.
Also known as:
Beauty consultant
Beauty therapists offer a range of cosmetic treatments to clients.
Psychiatrists are doctors who diagnose and treat patients with mental health problems.
Also known as:
Publican-licensee, Pub landlord, Licensee
Publicans manage licensed premises, such as pubs and bars.
Refrigeration and air-conditioning (RAC) engineers design, install and maintain cooling systems.
Also known as:
Property lawyer
Conveyancers use legal processes to transfer ownership of property or land in England and Wales.
Also known as:
Bank clerk
Banking customer service advisers process money as well as dealing with customer queries.
Beauty therapists carry out beauty treatments on clients.
Also known as:
Records manager
Archivists manage and preserve collections of historical records and documents.
Also known as:
Veterinary surgeons look after sick and injured animals.
Tanker drivers transport bulk materials and liquids by road.
Also known as:
Fitness coach
Sports coaches train and coach amateur and professional athletes.
Auto electricians fit and repair electrical systems in motor vehicles.
Also known as:
Debt counsellor
Money advisers help people whose debts have become too large or difficult for them to handle.
Offer advice, information and treatments to prevent and treat tooth decay and gum disease
User acceptance testers test websites and software to see if they work properly before they go live.
Officers lead a team of airmen and airwomen, in a wide range of specialist air and ground roles.
Merchant navy engineering officers maintain the mechanical and electrical machinery and instruments
Insurance claims handlers help people who are making claims on their insurance policies.
Also known as:
Business project manager, Financial project manager
Business and financial project managers plan and manage a wide variety of projects.
Also known as:
Film editor
Video editors bring together pictures and sound to produce a piece for film or television.
Signwriters produce hand-painted signs for places such as historic buildings, fairgrounds and shops.
Also known as:
Home carer, Care assistant
Help vulnerable people to manage their daily activities and to live as independently as possible
Also known as:
Contact centre operator
A call centre operator makes, takes and manages calls in a call centre.
Also known as:
Pre-school manage
Nursery managers are in charge of the day-to-day running of childcare centres.
School secretaries provide administrative support in schools.
Also known as:
Animal technologist
Animal technicians are responsible for the day-to-day needs of laboratory animals.
Osteopaths are highly competent healthcare professionals recognised by the NHS.
Also known as:
Online trading manager, Web shop manager
manage the sale and promotion of products and services on the internet.
Art gallery curators manage collections of paintings and objects.
Also known as:
Photographers take pictures of people, landscapes or things.
Microbiologists use microscopes to study micro-organisms, such as bacteria, viruses and algae.
Job families:
Veterinary nurses help look after sick animals.
Surgeons carry out operations and medical procedures on patients.
Bodyguards protect people from risk of violence, kidnapping or any other harmful situation.
Recycling officers plan and develop environmental and waste-reduction policies.
Also known as:
Health and safety coordinator, Health and safety manager
Health and safety advisers use their knowledge and skills to reduce injuries in the workplace.
Train drivers drive trains across the national rail network.
Also known as:
Site inspector
A clerk of works is a manager on a construction site.
Job families:
Security officers make sure that buildings, valuables or people are safe and secure.
Palaeontologists study the remains, or fossils, of plants and animals.
Job families:
Zoologists study animals and their behaviour.
Job families:
Also known as:
Quantity surveyors manage the costs and budget of a building project from outset to completion.
Job families:
Also known as:
Chefs cook food and manage restaurant kitchens.
Also known as:
Broadcast assistant
Media researchers support producers by finding out background information.
Travel agents book business and leisure travel for customers.
Also known as:
A groundsperson look after sports grounds.
A dietitian is a specialist who gives people advice on food, health, and nutrition.
Education administrators help run a university, college, or school.
Circus performers entertain audiences with displays of skills like acrobatics and clowning.
Taxi drivers pick up and transport customers to their destination in a car.
Also known as:
CAD technician
Computer-aided design technicians use computers to design and manufacture buildings and machinery.
Also known as:
Gas installation engineer, Gas maintenance engineer
Gas service technicians install, service and repair gas appliances and heating systems.
Job families:
Also known as:
Building project manager
Construction project managers deal with the day-to-day running of a construction project.
Also known as:
Carpenters make and maintain wood fixtures in buildings.
Fine artists create drawings, paintings, sculptures, and moving pictures, using a variety of media.
Helicopter pilots fly helicopters for business, leisure or emergency response purposes.
Also known as:
Tour directors
Tour managers manage the travel arrangements of holidaymakers and business clients.
Training officers organise training for staff within companies.
Fairground workers operate rides and carry out maintenance.
An animator draws and animates characters, buildings, objects and landscapes.
Also known as:
Massage therapists help relieve stress and pain by manipulating muscles in the body.
Market traders sell goods and services from street stalls or indoor markets.
Engineering craft machinists make parts used in manufacturing and engineering.
Systems analysts test and suggest improvements to IT systems.
Business analysts work with companies and organisations to help improve the way they do things.
Also known as:
Finance director
School business managers work closely with head teachers to ensure budgets are used efficiently.
Insurance underwriters work out the risk for insuring a particular person or company.
Payroll managers manage the payroll departments within organisations.
Broadcast journalists report the news on TV, radio and online.
Royal Marines officers lead teams of commandos in combat situations, at sea and on land.
Copywriters write advertising and marketing content.
Woodworking machinists cut and prepare timber for use in the construction trade or making furniture.
Transport planners plan the growth and maintenance of rail, road and air networks.
Security systems installers fit and service electronic systems.
Job families: